Wilson’s Revenge
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Wilson’s Revenge
Rainbow Kidz Ride & Run
Wilson’s Revenge


Who are we?

Welcome to Blue Mountain Revival Productions, located in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We are a small company and we love to race! We are able to handle any aspect of your race event needs from event planning, registration, directing, timing, with real time and on-line results. We use disposable chip Jaguar Race Timing Systems www.innovativetimingsystems.com, the best timing systems in the business.

Event Types:

Need a carrot?

We believe your maximum potential is never realized without a little friendly competition. Look at our events listing from the top menu and pick your poison.

What’s up with the name?

Have you ever been to the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC and not come back feeling revived? Me either! When you have spent time in the mountains hiking, biking or involved in an event it has this stimulus effect that makes you feel youthful, stronger, revived! The same feeling that comes after a race; something to do with the endorphin rush that some of us live for.

Blue Ridge Mountains

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